Don't Miss These Top Web 3.0/Blockchain Conferences in 2023

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Written by
Shivani Tripathi
Published on
November 23, 2022

Blockchain and Web 3.0 are revolutionizing the world with their futuristic technology and widespread use cases across various industries such as finance, banking, healthcare, agriculture, education, and many more. If you are a true technology enthusiast, being updated with the latest trends is crucial to be ahead of time. To join the community of future technology buffs, we are keeping you updated with the list of the upcoming Web 3.0 and Blockchain conferences in the year 2023.

Web 3.0

Every year blockchain experts around the world come together through events and conferences to discuss the latest trends, strategies, and best practices in the field of blockchain technology. Such conferences are the best place to stay aligned with the upcoming updates in this futuristic tech world. So without further delay, let's get started with the list of the Blockchain & Web 3.0 conferences to look out for in 2023 right away.


Date: January 11-12 2023

Place: UAE



MetaVSummit is a promising Web 3.0 and Blockchain conference helping companies & investors that can create long-term business relationships. Being the most focused event in the Web 3 industry, investors from Dubai and the Middle East are eyeing to attend this mega event to find the next unicorn company. There will be more than 50+ speakers and 3,000+ attendees.

World Crypto Conference 2023

Date: January 13-15 2023

Place: Zurich, Switzerland



This WCC event is aimed at bringing Defi and Blockchain enthusiasts into one place and the key focus areas are NFTs, Metaverse, and Defi. You can either join the Telegram group or the conference remotely on the Metaverse. Anyone, from private investors to VC & startups, can participate in this event.

European Blockchain Convention 2023

Date: February 15-17 2023

Place: Barcelona, Spain


EBC 2023

EBC is one of the most influential blockchain events in Europe and will be joined by more than 3000 attendees. In this three-day event, the heart of Barcelona will witness the mega collaboration of 200+ speakers across a variety of niches, panels, workshops, and industries related to the world of NFT, Defi, crypto, and Web3.

NFT Paris

Date: February 24-25 2023

Place: Paris, France


NFT Paris 2023

NFT Paris, known as the world's NFT meeting is the grandest annual conference that brings NFT enthusiasts to one place. France'smost iconic reception institution, The Grand Palais, located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, hosts the event for pioneering NFT fans to share their wisdom.


Date: March 2-4 2023

Place: Miami, Florida


Expoverse 2023

Celebrate the most awaited "Miami Web 3 Week" (February 27 to March 5, 2023) featuring Expoverse at the Miami Beach Convention Centre. It is going to be the most prominent blockchain expo where entrepreneurs, investors, creators, and tech enthusiasts will together bring out the futuristic agenda of the industry.

Blockchain Africa Conference

Date: March 16-17 2023

Place: Johannesburg, South Africa


Blockchain Africa Conference 2023

The countdown has started for the 9th edition of the annual Blockchain Africa Conference, all set to be held on March 16, 2023. This 2-day blockchain event can be attended either in South Africa or virtually. Over the past 9 years of history, this amazing event has attracted more than 9000 attendees from about 160 countries around the world. This coming year's theme is "Ready for Business?".


Date: March 20-23 2023

Place: Los Angeles, USA


NFT LA 2023

The 2nd edition of NFT LA is all set to be held on March 20-23 2023 in Los Angeles, CA bringing more than 8000 NFT innovators to one place. Thousands of world leaders will join this mega Web3 and NFT event to conduce the widespread adoption of blockchain technology in the field of music, entertainment, art, and sports.

Consensus 2023

Date: March 31 - April 2, 2023

Place: Austin, Texas, USA


Consensus 2023

Consensus 2023 is quite a significant Blockchain and Web3 gathering as it is the world's largest, most influential, and longest-running collaboration for creators, enthusiasts, and storytellers. It is not just an event but a blockchain festival celebrating all forms of blockchain, crypto, NFT, and Web3 ecosystem. It is produced by CoinDesk to bring together thousands of attendees and blockchain enthusiasts.

NFT Tallinn

Date: May 9- 10, 2023

Place: Tallinn, Estonia


NFT Tallinn 2023

This 1-day event is all set to bring all the NFT and Web3 community, creators, and investors in one place to dive deep into the talks of the future of this technology. It will exhibit the different use cases of Web3 & NFT and is executed with only one aim to bring together investors, lawyers, and significant business executives in the field of the blockchain industry.

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit

Date: May 8- 11, 2023

Place: Istanbul, Türkiye


Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit 2023

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit is Eurasia's largest blockchain event and is all set to kick off on May 8-11 2023. This event is going to be the meeting place for top crypto companies and blockchain entrepreneurs in the world. Turkey is one of the largest crypto-owning countries in the world with a total of 16% of its population owning cryptos. More than 80 countries around the world will become part of this mega-blockchain event.

Bitcoin 2023

Date: May 18- 20, 2023

Place: Miami, Florida, USA


Bitcoin 2023

Bitcoin 2023 is a winter blockchain festival in Miami and is one of the world's largest gatherings of bitcoiners. This 3-day blockchain event will focus on the crypto market, blockchain and bitcoin. The forthcoming Bitcoin 2023 is the world's biggest bitcoin event and is aiming to bring together the blockchain community to commemorate a massive celebration.

Non-Fungible Conference

Date: May 24- 25, 2023

Place: Lisbon, Portugal


Non Fungible Conference 2023

NFC 2023 or Non-Fungible Conference is back with more zest, enthusiasm, and energy to kickstart its second edition in Lisbon, Portugal. The event is all pumped to set off for 2 days, across 5 stages, through 137 sessions, and with 7 art galleries. Get ready to witness 2500+ visitors, 170+ speakers, and 100+ artists, equipped with exciting NFT giveaways, and exciting activities.


Date: June 28- 30, 2023

Place: Hamburg, Germany


Blockchance 2023

Blockchance is Europe's leading Blockchain conference with over 7500+ attendees, 250+ speakers, and 200 exhibitors from around the world. This gala event is bringing together the crème de la crème of the blockchain world including Michael Saylor, Raoul Pal, and CZ, Joseph Lubin among renowned participants.

Supplain Summit

Date: September 19- 20, 2023

Place: Tallinn, Estonia

Supplain Summit 2023

Supplain Summit 2023 is all set to bring together supply chain innovators with the power of 50+ speakers, and 500+ supply chain professionals across 3 stages. This event is aimed at bridging the gap between supply chain challenges and potential advanced technologies to solve them.

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