Decentralized protocol for storing and sharing files
Utilising IPFS's content addressing and peer-to-peer networking
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What is IPFS?

IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) is a distributed peer-to-peer protocol and network designed to create a decentralized and permanent method for storing and sharing files on the internet. It aims to replace the traditional centralized client-server model with a distributed and peer-to-peer approach.

Data integrity
IPFS uses cryptographic hashes to ensure data integrity. Once a file is added to IPFS, its content cannot be modified without changing its hash
Distributed file system
Each node contributes storage space and bandwidth, and all participating nodes collaborate to provide content availability.
Web integration
IPFS can be integrated with the existing web infrastructure, allowing websites and applications to serve content over IPFS.



Create a Private Network

Share stored files on a private network with invited participants.
Participants of the network will have to authenticate to access the file.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Easy deployment

Simply integrate with our REST APIs
Never have to worry about scalability, security or performance
Quick go to market

Cluster Management

While IPFS is designed to work in a peer-to-peer fashion, cluster management introduces additional capabilities and features to optimize the usage of IPFS in scenarios where a group of nodes needs to work together efficiently.
Ensures data is available and retrievable even if some nodes go offline or become unreachable
Uploaded and pinned files are replicated within participant's nodes
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