Get an in-depth view of your blockchain asset data.
Spydra’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to explore and search your data.
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Interact with your blockchain data
Spydra allows you to access and update the asset information stored on the blockchain.
Create assets on blockchain
Add assets in bulk using a csv upload or individually using JSON
Update blockchain data
Select an asset and update properties, update the ownership of the asset
Export blockchain data
Download up to 1000 records per request. Use filters to narrow down the result
Track an asset’s history
By accessing the blockchain data, you can track and analyze the complete history of ownership transfers for any specific asset or token. This allows you to verify the authenticity and trace the lineage of ownership for a particular item.

Viewing the blockchain history provides transparency and immutability, ensuring a secure and reliable record of all ownership transfers within the blockchain network.
View you network’s block details
View all transactions for a network
Search by block number or transaction ID
View detailed JSON of a transaction

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