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Secure, Transperant Asset Classes
Blockchain revolutionizes financial asset management, offering transparency, security, and efficiency. Its decentralized ledger ensures immutable transaction records, reducing fraud. Smart contracts automate processes, cutting costs. Fractional ownership and tokenization enhance accessibility and liquidity, opening new markets. Blockchain transforms asset management, paving the way for innovative investment strategies.
Improved Efficiency and Reduced Costs
Increased Accessibility and Liquidity
Enhanced Transparency and Security

Begin by selecting the financial asset for tokenization, such as equities, commodities, securities, or even unique assets like fine art or carbon credits.


Safely deposit the chosen assets into Spydra’s secure Vault, which only authorized custodians can access for deposits or withdrawals. Define the parameters for token creation, including quantity, minting mechanism, and any custom rules.


Ensure off-chain verification of asset value by a third party, affirming that the tokenized assets accurately represent the real-world assets' value. This verification, along with audit data, is securely recorded on the blockchain.

For assets like fine art, professional appraisers may assess the asset's value to align with token issuance.


With confirmed asset reserves and validated valuation, configure Spydra’s workflows to automate token creation and execution. This streamlined process ensures efficient minting of tokens once all necessary criteria are met.

What assets classes can benefit with tokenization?

There is a potential to transform various financial assets to increasing transparency, liquidity, and accessibility while reducing costs and friction in financial markets.

  • Securities: Stocks, bonds

    Securities: Stocks, bonds, and other traditional financial instruments can be tokenized and traded on blockchain platforms, increasing liquidity and streamlining settlement processes.

  • Real Estate

    Property ownership can be represented as digital tokens on a blockchain, allowing for fractional ownership, easier transfer of ownership, and increased liquidity in real estate markets.

  • Commodities

    Precious metals, agricultural products, and other commodities can be tokenized, enabling more efficient trading, transparent supply chains, and easier access for investors.

  • Derivatives

    Complex financial instruments such as futures, options, and swaps can be settled and executed using smart contracts on blockchain networks, reducing counterparty risk and increasing transparency

  • Private Equity and Venture Capital

    Investments in startups and private companies can be tokenized, enabling fractional ownership and democratizing access to early-stage investment opportunities.

  • Art and Collectibles

    Digital tokens representing ownership of art pieces, collectible items, and intellectual property, providing provenance tracking and increasing liquidity in art markets

Benefits for Participants

Various participants play distinct roles in the ecosystem. Each participant stands to gain specific benefits from utilizing blockchain technology

  • Increased access to a larger pool of investors through tokenization.
  • Faster fundraising through fractional ownership and increased liquidity.
  • Reduced risk of fraud, theft, and unauthorized access to the assets held in custody.
  • Smart contracts reduces administrative overhead, improves efficiency, and minimizes errors in asset management.
  • Prevention overvaluation or undervaluation of assets, which could impact investor perceptions and market dynamics. The number of issued tokens corresponds to the value of the underlying assets,
  • Third-party validation of asset values instills trust and credibility in the tokenization process. This enhances investor confidence by providing independent verification that the tokenized assets accurately represent the value of the underlying assets.
Transactions on Blockchain
Assets on Chain
Reduction in cost & time
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Focus on building your use case. Leave the blockchain to us.
Spydra offers an intuitive low-code asset tokenization platform that allows you to focus on building your use-case while leaving the complexities of blockchain to us. Spydra provides production-ready infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and efficient launch of your blockchain use-case.
An intuitive low-code asset tokenization platform
1. Deploy
Create your network, deploy our pre-configured asset tokenization application tailored to your use case, and invite other participants to join your network.
2. Integrate
Once your network and asset tokenization app are deployed, access your APIs and easily integrate blockchain into your application. No changes to your code, just a few additional API calls. We have simplified integration with systems like SAP, etc.
3. Production Ready
Launch your blockchain use case quickly on the ground.Customise to your use-case backed by innovate platform features.
Customise to your use-case backed by innovate platform features.
Fractionalise and issue tokens for your assets with Token Engine
Bring Off-chain data to your blockchain with Oracles
Automate your tasks with no-code using Workflow Builder
Get notified on every critical blockchain event with Listners
File Storage & Sharing made easy with Graph Query
Tailor smart contracts for your use-case with Custom Chaincode
Discuss your use-case with us!
We want to see how Spydra can help your team build products or process on blockchain. Schedule a live in-depth demo with our blockchain experts to help you get your blockchain journey started.
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1. Which asset classes can benefit from tokenization?

Assets like securities, real estate, commodities, derivatives, private equity, and art can benefit from tokenization.

2. How does tokenization benefit traditional financial instruments like securities and real estate?

Tokenization increases liquidity, simplifies ownership transfer, and reduces administrative burdens.

3. How are securities tokenized?

Securities such as stocks and bonds can be tokenized and traded on blockchain platforms. This process increases liquidity and streamlines settlement processes by representing ownership as digital tokens on a blockchain network.

4. How can tokenization benefit participants in private equity and venture capital?

Tokenization enables fractional ownership and democratizes access to early-stage investment opportunities in startups and private companies. This increased accessibility can lead to faster fundraising and greater liquidity for investors.

5. How does asset tokenization contribute to transparency and security in financial markets?

Asset tokenization on blockchain platforms ensures transparency and security by recording transaction data on a decentralized ledger, reducing the risk of fraud and unauthorized access. Additionally, third-party validation of asset values enhances credibility and investor confidence in the tokenization process.

6. What kind of support does Spydra offer for blockchain implementation?

Spydra offers comprehensive support for Hyperledger Fabric implementation, including customized network development, smart contract development, integration and API development, deployment, and maintenance. Our team ensures a seamless and successful implementation of your blockchain solution.

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