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Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges
The immutability of blockchain ensures a secure and transparent ledger, reducing fraud risks. Additionally, fractional ownership and 24/7 trading on blockchain platforms offer increased liquidity and open up real estate investment opportunities to a broader range of investors, fostering a more inclusive and efficient market.
Increased Liquidity
Reduced Barriers to Entry
Improved Transparency

Represent a token as an NFT or an asset on the blockchain. An NFT is a unique token that is distinguishable from every other token on a blockchain, making it suitable for real estate as each property is different. This also represents ownership or transfer of real estate.


One compelling use case for real estate tokenization is fractionalization, which enables fractional ownership of a property. To enable fractionalization, one or more real estate NFTs need to be added to a vault, creating a collection of real estate properties. Only a trusted custodian can deposit or withdraw a property.


Fungible tokens are now issued and indistinguishable from each other. Individual tokens can own fungible tokens which represent a specific percentage of ownership of the property. Owning all fungible tokens is equivalent to owning the entire property.


Investors can invest to own a small percentage of the real estate collection. This allows investors to unlock the potential of real estate in a novel manner, while the owner has a larger participation for investment, resulting in better liquidity.


Using Spydra's workflow builder, set up business rules and logic, defining returns on investment, payout, pay-in, and other factors at scheduled events or times.

Real Estate Asset that can be Tokenized.

The innovative approach of digitizing property, fractionalizing it, and issuing tokens has made investing in real estate more accessible and divisible.

  • Residential Properties

    Individual residential units like apartments, houses, and condominiums. Investors can own a share of a residential property, potentially earning returns from both property value appreciation and rental income.

  • Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial real estate can involve office buildings, retail spaces, or industrial properties. These investments often yield higher returns due to the scale and rental incomes from businesses

  • Rental Homes

    Tokens represent shares in rental properties. Investors earn returns from the rental income generated by these properties, which could include single-family homes, multi-unit apartments, or even large residential complexes.

  • Vacation Homes

    Similar to rental homes, but these properties are often in tourist-centric locations and can be rented out on a short-term basis, like through platforms such as Airbnb

  • Development Projects

    Tokenization can be used to raise capital for new real estate development projects. Investors buy tokens representing a stake in the future development, potentially reaping rewards as the project completes and gains value

Benefits for Participants

Various participants play distinct roles in the ecosystem. Each participant stands to gain specific benefits from utilizing blockchain technology

Real Estate Developers and Owners
  • Increased access to a larger pool of investors through tokenization.
  • Faster fundraising through fractional ownership and increased liquidity.
  • Access to a wider array of real estate investment opportunities.
  • Fractional ownership and increased liquidity through tokenization.
Financial Institutions
  • Streamlined processes, reducing operational costs.
  • Improved transparency and risk reduction in transactions.
Transactions on Blockchain
Assets on Chain
Reduction in cost & time
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Focus on building your use case. Leave the blockchain to us.
Spydra offers an intuitive low-code asset tokenization platform that allows you to focus on building your use-case while leaving the complexities of blockchain to us. Spydra provides production-ready infrastructure, ensuring a smooth and efficient launch of your blockchain use-case.
An intuitive low-code asset tokenization platform
1. Deploy
Create your network, deploy our pre-configured asset tokenization application tailored to your use case, and invite other participants to join your network.
2. Integrate
Once your network and asset tokenization app are deployed, access your APIs and easily integrate blockchain into your application. No changes to your code, just a few additional API calls. We have simplified integration with systems like SAP, etc.
3. Production Ready
Launch your blockchain use case quickly on the ground.Customise to your use-case backed by innovate platform features.
Customise to your use-case backed by innovate platform features.
Fractionalise and issue tokens for your assets with Token Engine
Bring Off-chain data to your blockchain with Oracles
Automate your tasks with no-code using Workflow Builder
Get notified on every critical blockchain event with Listners
File Storage & Sharing made easy with Graph Query
Tailor smart contracts for your use-case with Custom Chaincode
Discuss your use-case with us!
We want to see how Spydra can help your team build products or process on blockchain. Schedule a live in-depth demo with our blockchain experts to help you get your blockchain journey started.
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1. What is real estate tokenization?

Real estate tokenization is the process of representing ownership of real estate assets as digital tokens on a blockchain. These tokens can then be bought, sold, or traded, allowing for fractional ownership and increased liquidity in real estate investments.

2. How does real estate tokenization improve transparency in transactions?

Blockchain technology ensures transparency in real estate transactions by providing a secure and immutable ledger. This reduces the risk of fraud and ensures that all transactions are recorded transparently, providing clarity for all parties involved.

3. Can any type of real estate be tokenized?

Yes, various types of real estate assets can be tokenized, including residential properties such as apartments and houses, commercial real estate like office buildings and retail spaces, rental homes, vacation homes, and even development projects.

4. What types of properties can be tokenized?

Various types of properties can be tokenized, including residential properties such as apartments and houses, commercial real estate such as office buildings and retail spaces, rental homes, vacation homes, and even development projects seeking capital investment.

5. How is real estate tokenization secured?

Real estate tokenization utilizes blockchain technology, which ensures the immutability and transparency of transactions. This reduces the risk of fraud and provides a secure ledger for recording ownership and transactions.

6. How are returns on investment managed in real estate tokenization?

Returns on investment in real estate tokenization can be managed through business rules and logic set up using platforms like Spydra's workflow builder. These rules define factors such as returns, payouts, and pay-ins at scheduled events or times, ensuring transparency and efficiency in the investment process.

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