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Access Blockchain easily

Spydra simplifies access to blockchain networks by providing multiple options to interact with them


Unlock the potential of Spydra's robust APIs to seamlessly incorporate your technology stack and securely interact with blockchain networks

Automation tools

Connect Spydra with 5000+ apps via Zapier and Power Automate and effortlessly access blockchain and streamlining workflows

Intuitive Interface

Intuitive editor that makes it easy to create, update Assets on Blockchain and Query blockchain with our writing a single line of code

Perform actions from other apps

Easily interact with blockchain networks and applications from your own apps, performing actions and receiving updates to seamlessly access blockchain.

Create Assets

Trigger Asset Creation from other platforms seamlessly

Update Assets

Update existing Assets when you want them

Transfer ownership

Transfer Asset Ownership from one person to another

Raise events

Fire events when you want to get notified or track any activity

Read Assets

Trigger Read assets to get the information of any Asset

Asset History

Get the full activity and history of an Asset in a single call
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Integrate with your favourite apps

Connect existing tech stack via Spydra's REST APIs or Zapier with over 5000+ apps
Powering companies like
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Well loved by companies across sectors

Spydra is an excellent start for the enterprises looking to adapt blockchain solutions. Sypdra will be enabling businesses to Web3 transition.
Ramakant Sharma
Founder and COO at Livspace
Spydra’s developer tools, from infrastructure and tooling capabilities, are game-changing.
Amit Shukla
CTO at Space Matrix
Spydra’s wide range of plug-and-play solutions applies to multiple industries like Supply chain and financial services.
Amiya Pathak
Co Founder at EzCred
Spydra’s ready-to-use APIs made our Web3 transition super easy. It saved us 3-4 months to go to market
Kanishk Shukla
Co-Founder & CEO at Expertia AI
Asset tokenization is revolutionizing supply chain businesses. It is now easier to track goods on Blockchain with Spydra.
Mihir Mohan
Founder, Pitstop
Easy-to-deploy asset tokenization has helped Rupify to keep a record of all the transactions on Blockchain.
Rajesh Kamra
Co founder, Rupify
Spydra’s plug-and-play solution has helped to launch our creator NFTs in no time.
Rohit Modi
Co-Founder & CEO, Apptile
"Love the simplicity and the prompt customer support."
Koray Okumus
UX Designer, Circooles

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Spydra combines the most powerful developer tools in blockchain with helpful resources, talented community, and prompt support.

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