Build and deploy custom apps to suit your use-case
Develop chaincodes tailored to meet your specific requirement
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What are custom apps?

Custom apps/chaincodes are programmable codes that define the business logic and rules governing interactions and transactions within a blockchain network.

Spydra platform benefits
Event Listeners
Subscribe to on-chain events and receive real-time notifications for every critical blockchain event.
Leverage Spydra's GraphQL APIs to write complex query on blockchain database and get real-time analytics.
API Gateway
Visualise and interact with APIs using REST API interface on the Spydra platform.

How to deploy a custom app?

Define blockchain event listeners

Seamlessly connect with zapier/ power automate

Connect to your data warehouse

Seamlessly connect with zapier/ power automate

Build reports on your data

Choose a data warehouse of your choice to sync blockchain data

Define custom app details

Select your source code

Set configurations and deploy

App name, app description
Version and other information
Golang, JS package
Golang and JS Binary zip file
Github/ Bitbucket path
Network channel
init function and arguments
REST API interface

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