Register Token on Solana and make it Tradeable

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January 1, 2024

Embarking on the revolutionary journey of registering your token on the Solana blockchain opens a gateway to transformative possibilities. In this blog, we unravel the essential steps to not only register your token but also navigate the intricacies that turn it into a dynamic and tradeable force in the burgeoning world of decentralized finance. Join us as we delve into the intricacies of Solana, empowering you to harness the full potential of your token for unprecedented business growth.

How to Register Token on Solana?

In the previous blog post, we showed how to create a token. The next step is to register the Token on Solana

Submit a pull request to Solana to register token

Our token is created and it is live on Solana, but is not yet officially recognized. We need to get all the required information for the token ready for submission.

  • Enter your user home directory, where you can clone the token list on your computer.
  • Clone the Solana token list:

**git clone**

We now have the token-list cloned, so we can add our token's image and information for uploading.

  • You will need to create the directory matching the tokenAddress inside of token-list/assets/mainnet/.
  • Copy and paste your token's logo inside the cloned token-list , in the token-list/assets/mainnet//directory.

Go ahead and name the logo file logo.png for raster logos or logo.svg if you are using vector graphics. Solana prefers logos to be either one of those file types.

  • Open the token list file at token-list/src/tokens/solana.tokenlist.json to add your token to the list like so:

This example token will be a social token, so be sure to not copy that unless your token is also a social token. The required information is:

 "chainId": 101,
 "address": " ",
 "symbol": " ",
 "name": " ",
 "decimals": 0,
 "logoURI": "<ADDRESS/logo.png",
 "tags": [
 "extensions": {
   "website": "https://<YOUR WEBSITE URL>.com"

The link for the token image must point to the GitHub user content site; just change the token address to your token address, and the logo filename to your logo filename and type.

  • Save the token-list/src/tokens/solana.tokenlist.json file.
  • Fork the token-list repository to your own GitHub account by pressing the Fork button in the top right of the repository page.
    This will add the token-list GitHub repository to your GitHub, which will enable you to upload your changes to the forked repository and then request the original repository to accept your changes.
  • While still inside your token-list folder in the command line, set the url of your local repository to your forked version on GitHub:

git remote set-url origin<YOUR GITHUB USERNAME>/token-list

  • Add all the files from the token-list to your local repository:

git add .

  • Commit the files:

git commit -m "first commit for <YOUR TOKEN SYMBOL & NAME>"

  • Push the changes:

git push origin main

You should now see the changes in your forked repository on GitHub.

  • Go to the token list pull requests page
  • Select the New pull request button
    Create and submit the pull request. After this, Your token is now on the way to being official.
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Add a market for your token on Serum

You've made it! Your token is live and has a name. It can now be sent around and used for whatever its utility may be. But, there is no trading pair for the token to be traded on. So, let's create it.

Note: It costs roughly 10-15 SOL to create a market, which right now is around $3500 in total.

  • Head over to Serum and connect your chosen wallet in the top right.
  • Fill out the form
    The Base Token Mint Address will be your tokenAddress, and the Quote Token Mint Address will be what token you want your token paired to. I would use USDT for my example.

Once submitted, you should have a live market that can trade the tokens.


Woohoo! If you made it through all the steps, you have successfully created your token on the Solana blockchain. Now, you have a tradable token.

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