Hyperledger Explorer on Spydra

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January 1, 1970

Hyperledger Explorer on Spydra

As part of its Full Stack Blockchain platform, SPDR provides access to Hyperledger Explorer which is an open-source blockchain utility module that allows users to create a user-friendly web-based application, with which users can view, initiate, organize or query various artifacts and developments that form an integral part of the blockchain network. It is to be used specifically on deployments of blockchains created using the Hyperledger umbrella.

Hyperledger Explorer is a user-friendly Web application tool used to view or invoke transactions, digital wallets, and other information stored in an SPDR blockchain deployment. An explorer is a useful tool in finding and understanding otherwise machine-readable data stored as encrypted ledger entries. In addition to basic blockchain explorer functionality, the tool provides enterprise-level visualizations that can help decision-makers through intuitive graphs, charts, and tables.

How does Hyperledger Explorer Work?

Its architecture includes a web server that runs in the backend and is responsible for interacting with all other components and maintaining the necessary query-server response. The web sockets are used to communicate between the server and the various client components of Hyperledger Explorer. A RethinkDB database is used to store the necessary details about blockchain components like information about blocks, transactions, and smart contracts, and this can be queried for any necessary information. A security repository takes care of ensuring only secure and authorized access is maintained for accessing the Hyperledger Explorer.

Hyperledger Explorer allows for a unified enterprise-level visualization, which may be needed in real-time by a blockchain developer developing a particular feature or component on the blockchain, by a researcher seeking to study historical developments, or by blockchain operators who are responsible for managing the blockchain, or by top management.

The following animated image presents multiple facets of how Hyperledger Explorer is configured and what it provides.

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