Launch your own ERC compliant Tokens & NFTs in no time

Easily deploy Token & NFT solutions that are tailored to your use cases with out huge set up costs



Support all major standards

Create multiple ERC 20, ERC 721, ERC 1155 based tokens. Launch NFTs by collections to handle it better.
Perform Advance Operations to supports atomic swaps across tokens.
Convert one token to another token using pre defined ratios.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Customise your tokens & NFTs

Configure properties of tokens like Burnable, Mintable, Fractional ownership.
Define ratios among tokens for interoperability.
Create organisation level roles on every Token or NFT collection.

Launch Dynamic NFTs

Launch Dynamic NFTs (dNFTs), which can adapt and change in response to external events and data, which can be used in Loyalty Programs, Gaming character progression or when Tokenization of real-world assets like properties or automobiles.
Create and Launch Dynamic NFTs Tokenizing real-world assets attributing its maintenance history, age, market value, and more.
Trigger dynamic NFT metadata changes based on external conditions.
Dashboard mockup

Use cases

Use cases

Digital Art, Gaming, Rewards

Deploy Digital Arts and Rewards as NFTs, Dynamic NFTs, and launch NFT Marketplaces.
With NFTs, Digital artists or companies can mint NFTs so that users or fans can buy them and give verifiable ownership.
Private NFTs Marketplaces can enable you to build a marketplace where you can onboard digital artists to mint their NFTs and their fans to buy and transfer them in a Private network.
Use cases

Loyalty Management

With the high adoption of Gamification techniques in all sectors, too many loyalty programs lead to frustrated customers and many unused points
Differentiate your brand from the rest by offering transferrable NFTs, Rewards, and Token points on blockchain for your customers or clients, giving them permanent identifiers for verifiable ownership
Users can exchange tokens without compromising confidential data as transactions on the blockchain ledger are cryptographically secured, immutable, and timestamped

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