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Announcement: We’ve just launched Hyperledger Fabric 2.5!
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Tokenize Your Real-World Assets with Our Blockchain Platform
tokenise for
supply chain
to combat counterfeit
to increase transparency
to manage product recall
to reduce fraud
to create digital identities
to manage drug supply chain
to manage clinical trails
for carbon credits
to track energy consumption
to increase transparency
to improve operations
to reduce time
to detect fraud
to track ownership
to create digital identities
Empowering enterprises with asset tokenization for real-world impact. Embrace Transparency, Security, and Compliance
Get started with $400 free credits. No credit card required.
The ultimate blockchain platform for asset tokenisation
Powering the largest next-gen data migration for enterprises
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Powering companies like
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Launch your Asset Tokenization use case in 30 mins

Get started in 3 easy steps

Create Private Networks

Deploy Asset Tokenization

Integrate with your Tech

Create Private Networks

Private Permissioned Consortium Networks
Shared and Dedicated
Multi Cloud. Multi Region

Deploy Asset Tokenization

Configurable Assets
Automate Workflows
No code asset creation

Integrate with your tech

Connect with REST APIs
Connect via ERPs or Zapier
Stay notified with notifications on chain

Launch your Asset Tokenisation use case in 30 mins

Deploy Private Networks

1. Private Permissioned Consortium Networks

2. Shared and Dedicated

3. Multi Cloud. Multi Region

Deploy Asset Tokenization

1. Configurable Assets

2. Automate Workflows

3. No code asset creation

Integrate with your tech stack

1. Connect with REST APIs

2. Connect via ERPs or Zapier

3. Stay notified with notifications on chain
How it works

Beautiful analytics to grow smarter

Share team inboxes

Whether you have a team of 2 or 200, our shared team inboxes keep everyone on the same page and in the loop.

Deliver instant answers

An all-in-one customer service platform that helps you balance everything your customers need to be happy.

Manage your team with reports

Measure what matters with Untitled’s easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.

Connect with customers

Solve a problem or close a sale in real-time with chat. If no one is available, customers are seamlessly routed to email without confusion.

Connect the tools you already use

Explore 100+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Plus, our extensive developer tools.
Transactions on Fabric
Assets on Chain
Reduction in cost & time

Highly Configurable, for multiple use cases

Banking & Finance

Discover how Spydra can be incorporated into your specific use case, empowering you to tokenize your assets and leverage the benefits of blockchain technology.

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Create digital loan assets that could be easily traded on secondary markets. Reduce the cost of funding and provide banks with new sources of liquidity

Cross-border payments

Make cross-border payments more efficient and secure.  Eliminate the need for intermediaries and reduce transaction times & costs

Securitization of assets

Tokenize and securitize various assets, such as real estate, commodities, and even receivables

Trade finance

Improve transparency in their operations, such as in trade finance or supply chain financing

Supply Chain

Discover how Spydra can be incorporated into your specific use case, empowering you to tokenize your assets and leverage the benefits of blockchain technology.

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Increasing transparency

Track and Trace product movements throughout the supply chain with a unique digital identity on chain

Prevent counterfeit

Tokenize the products, making them tamper-proof and easily verifiable

Manage product recalls

Unique digital identity, making it easy to identify and trace products in the event of a recall

Reduce fraud

Reduce fraud by ensuring all transactions are recorded on the blockchain and can't be tampered


Discover how Spydra can be incorporated into your specific use case, empowering you to tokenize your assets and leverage the benefits of blockchain technology.

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Claims processing

Tokenize policies and claims, which can help reduce fraud and errors in claims processing

Increasing transparency

Policyholders can access their policy information, such as coverage details and claims history, making the insurance process more transparent


Reinsurers can tokenize contracts, which can help reduce the time and cost associated with reinsurance transactions

Fraud detection

Detect and prevent fraud by ensuring that all transactions are recorded on the blockchain and can't be tampered


Discover how Spydra can be incorporated into your specific use case, empowering you to tokenize your assets and leverage the benefits of blockchain technology.

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Digital identities

Create digital identities for healthcare products, ensuring traceability and transparancy

Clinical trial management

Track and trace clinical trial data, enhancing transparency and accountability

Medical device management

Enhance tracking and tracing of medical devices throughout the supply chain, ensuring quality and safety

Drug supply chain management

Track and trace drugs throughout the supply chain, reducing counterfeit drugs circulation and enhancing patient safety

Intellectual Property

Discover how Spydra can be incorporated into your specific use case, empowering you to tokenize your assets and leverage the benefits of blockchain technology.

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Tokenization of patents and trademarks

Tokenization of patents and trademarks, making it easier to track ownership and enforce intellectual property rights

Digital identities for intellectual property

Create digital identities for intellectual property, ensuring traceability and transparency


Discover how Spydra can be incorporated into your specific use case, empowering you to tokenize your assets and leverage the benefits of blockchain technology.

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Carbon credits

Spydra's solution can tokenize carbon credits, making it easier to trade and offset carbon emissions

Energy Consumption tracking

Spydra's solution can enable the tracking and tracing of energy consumption and production, reducing energy waste and costs.

Low code. One click deployment. Scalable.


Multi-Cloud & Region / Bring your own cloud

Deploy Blockchain network in a region of your choice to meet any data residency requirements
Multi region and multi cloud to provide the ability for different organizations in a network to deploy their resources in a region and cloud of their choice
Deploy Networks in your own cloud or Spydra hosted cloud or on- premises environment

Setup and Deploy in Minutes

Deploy Shared or Dedicated Private Networks in minutes
Configure your Asset Tokenization use case with our No-code interface in no time
Create Organization consortiums on Permissioned blockchain networks

Customise application to suit
your business needs


Configure Assets / Tokens as per your needs

Highly configurable and modular Asset tokenization tool to fit into any usecase
Customize permissions and roles of all the participating organizations on every asset

Connect Seamlessly with your tech stack

Spydra simplifies access to blockchain networks by providing multiple options to interact with them
Connect existing tech stack via Spydra's REST APIs or Zapier with over 5000+ apps

Automate workflows

Automate your processes with low code interface
Reduce manual hours, development costs and increase efficiency

Bring external data to your blockchain network

Configure Oracles to fetch off-chain data to your blockchain network
Execute smart contract based on real-world events.

Powerful Querying using Graph QL

Rest APIs to query blockchain databases using graph query format
Fire simple, nested queries and paginated queries
Support of complex queries making data easily accessible

Stay notified about events on Chain

Use Spydra’s listener framework to receive notifications in real time
Define Listeners at network or application level
Listen only to what matters. Define Filters to remove unnecessary events

Integrate with your tech stack, today

Connect Seamlessly

Whether you need to integrate with your tech stack, a third-party application or connect your ERP system, Spydra provides seamless options via REST APIs, Zapier or other methods

Building on
Hyperledger Fabric

Spydra is built on Hyperledger Fabric which is a blockchain framework designed for enterprise use. It provides a modular architecture that allows businesses to build private, permissioned blockchain networks with high levels of scalability, privacy, and flexibility. Fabric enables enterprises to streamline and secure their operations by implementing distributed ledger technology for trusted and efficient transaction processing.

Build and deploy custom apps to suit your use-case

Custom apps/chaincodes are programmable codes that define the business logic and rules governing interactions and transactions within a blockchain network.

Spydra platform benefits
Event Listeners
Subscribe to on-chain events and receive real-time notifications for every critical blockchain event.
Leverage Spydra's GraphQL APIs to write complex query on blockchain database and get real-time analytics.
API Gateway
Visualise and interact with APIs using REST API interface on the Spydra platform.

Well loved by companies across sectors

Spydra is an excellent start for the enterprises looking to adapt blockchain solutions. Sypdra will be enabling businesses to Web3 transition.
Ramakant Sharma
Founder and COO at Livspace
Spydra’s developer tools, from infrastructure and tooling capabilities, are game-changing.
Amit Shukla
CTO at Space Matrix
Spydra’s wide range of plug-and-play solutions applies to multiple industries like Supply chain and financial services.
Amiya Pathak
Co Founder at EzCred
Spydra’s ready-to-use APIs made our Web3 transition super easy. It saved us 3-4 months to go to market
Kanishk Shukla
Co-Founder & CEO at Expertia AI
Asset tokenization is revolutionizing supply chain businesses. It is now easier to track goods on Blockchain with Spydra.
Mihir Mohan
Founder, Pitstop
Easy-to-deploy asset tokenization has helped Rupify to keep a record of all the transactions on Blockchain.
Rajesh Kamra
Co founder, Rupify
Spydra’s plug-and-play solution has helped to launch our creator NFTs in no time.
Rohit Modi
Co-Founder & CEO, Apptile
"Love the simplicity and the prompt customer support."
Koray Okumus
UX Designer, Circooles
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Developers can utilize Spydra's tools such as Fabric Debugger, GraphQL, and Listeners, which enable them to take full advantage of the platform's capabilities.
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Technology Partners

Through technology partnerships, Spydra's collaborators have the opportunity to harness the potential of asset tokenization or enterprise blockchain.
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Tokenize at scale with Spydra

Spydra combines the most powerful developer tools in blockchain with helpful resources, talented community, and prompt support.

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We are ISO 27001 compliant

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Efficient Web3 & Blockchain Development Solution

In the rapidly evolving world of finance and investments, asset tokenization has emerged as a groundbreaking concept that holds immense potential for businesses. By converting real-world assets into digital tokens on a blockchain platform, asset tokenization offers increased liquidity, fractional ownership, and enhanced transparency. In this digital landscape, Spydra has established itself as the ultimate asset tokenization platform, providing businesses with a secure and efficient solution to unlock the full potential of their assets.

Transforming Businesses with Asset Tokenization

- Spydra's innovative Web3 development company empowers businesses to convert real-world assets into digital tokens, revolutionizing traditional financial systems.
- Asset tokenization offers increased liquidity, fractional ownership, and enhanced transparency, providing businesses with access to a global marketplace and attracting a broader range of investors

Why Choose Spydra for Asset Tokenization?

Spydra stands out as the ultimate asset tokenization platform for businesses, offering a wide range of advantages that empower organizations to maximize their asset value and drive growth. Let's explore some key features that make Spydra the go-to choice for asset tokenization:

a) Customizable Low-Code App: Simplify the tokenization process with our configurable, pre-built low-code application, enabling businesses to deploy unique business logic on a blockchain network effortlessly.

b) Robust Permission Control: Ensure privacy and security with our permission control system, allowing businesses to have full control over asset access, editing, and viewing permissions.

c) Seamless Integration: Effortlessly integrate asset tokenization into existing systems using our REST APIs, minimizing disruption and streamlining processes.

d) Industry Use Cases:  Diverse industry use cases, including supply chain, logistics, and medicine.

 Streamlined Asset Tokenization Journey

- End-to-End Solutions: From asset identification to token creation and trading, Spydra facilitates a seamless and secure process, leveraging blockchain technology for decentralized and transparent ledger maintenance.

- Hyperledger Fabric Framework: Spydra, an efficient blockchain development company, leverages the Hyperledger Fabric framework to ensure trust among participants and eliminate intermediaries, reducing costs and accelerating transaction settlements.

Web3 Development Solution with Spydra

Asset tokenization with Spydra goes beyond the mere conversion of assets into digital tokens. It empowers businesses by unlocking a myriad of possibilities:

- Access to Global Markets: Tap into global markets and attract a wider range of investors with asset tokenization, expanding reach and potential for growth.

- Increased Liquidity: Solve illiquidity issues with fractional ownership and secondary market trading, enhancing liquidity for businesses and investors.

- Enhanced Transparency: Ensure transparency and build trust with a transparent and auditable trail of asset history recorded on a blockchain network.

- Fractional Ownership: Democratize investments and promote financial inclusivity with fractional ownership opportunities.

- Efficient Asset Management: Streamline asset management processes with Spydra's asset tokenization platform, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing operational effectiveness.

5. Security and Compliance

- Robust Security Measures: Protect assets and transactions with encryption, multi-factor authentication, and secure smart contracts.Regulatory

- Compliance:
Adhere to regulatory frameworks to ensure a trusted and compliant environment for asset tokenization.